The Illinois Targeted Violence Prevention Program

The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority’s Targeted Violence Prevention Program (TVPP) uses a public health approach to preventing all forms of targeted violence. TVPP works with interested communities in building and sustaining community-level programs that can prevent individuals from being recruited to commit all forms of targeted violence including ideologically inspired targeted violence, and to help off-ramp individuals who may be experiencing some form of crisis but are not engaged in any criminal activities.

Targeted violence is a low frequency/high impact crime. Whether it takes the form of terrorism, violent hate crimes, or other mass casualty attacks, it is a scourge on our society, and it strains the healthy social cohesion essential to our diverse communities.

Illinois is home to 34 active hate groups, and in 2014 there have were 131 cases of hate crimes in the state. Of those, 101 were cases of intimidation, assault and aggravated assault. Between March 2014 and April 2016 there were 5 individuals from Illinois charged with ISIS-related offenses.