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Junaid M. Afeef was named director of the Targeted Violence Prevention Program at the ICJIA in February 2016. Immediately prior to leading TVPP, Mr. Afeef was acting general counsel at ICJIA. Mr. Afeef has over two decades of experience in the criminal justice system. Early in his career he worked in the Juvenile Justice/Child Protection Division of the Cook County Public Defender’s Office. He continued working with parents and children as a bar attorney in solo private practice alongside his criminal defense and civil rights work. Mr. Afeef is very active in civic work. He co-founded the Muslim Bar Association of Chicago in 1998, and has served on various boards of religious, civic, and government entities.

Mr. Afeef served as the executive director of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago in 2008 and 2009 where he focused on promoting civic engagement and interfaith dialogue. Mr. Afeef is a fellow with the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California. He is also a partner at the Truman National Security Project. Mr. Afeef’s commentary on domestic terrorism and countering violent extremism (CVE) has appeared in the Chicago Tribune and in numerous online publications and journals.

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Academic Background

  • Juris Doctorate, The American University’s Washington College of Law, 1994
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of Iowa, 1991

Partner with TVPP and Build Greater Community Resilience

The Illinois Targeted Violence Prevention Program offers a public health approach to engaging communities in the prevention of violence motivated or inspired by political, social, religious, or personal ideologies.

Partner with the Targeted Violence Prevention Program to build greater community resilience. Program consultation and collaboration services are available to communities seeking to build and sustain prevention and intervention programs.

Available Presentations

Program Director Junaid Afeef is available to provide the following presentations to your community or organization.

  • Community Awareness Briefing on Ideologically Inspired Targeted Violence: A 90 minute presentation and discussion that provides an overview of the various forms of targeted violence that puts innocent people at risk in the United States.
  • Promising Practices for Effective Engagement by Law Enforcement Agencies with Communities around Ideologically Inspired Targeted Violence Prevention
  • Strategies to “Occupy the Internet” with Counter-Messaging and Alternative Messaging that Inoculates Against Violent Ideologies
  • The Roles of Mental Health, Medical, and Social Service Providers in Effective, Therapeutic (non-punitive) Interventions through Community Resilience Multidisciplinary Teams
  • Building a Local Targeted Violence Prevention Coordinating Council to Build Community Resilience: Why and How

Other topics individually tailored to community or organizational needs.

TVPP is committed to preventing all forms of ideologically inspired targeted violence.

Targeted Violence Prevention Program

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